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Unparalleled Farmstead Weekend Wedding Experience

all weekend :: all in one place

Hosting your event at our farm is an investment in small farming and local, sustainable food.

Just YOUR wedding.

Friday + Saturday + Sunday

We value togetherness and space to breathe and relax, so we only offer weekend packages.

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Green. Authentic. Homegrown. 

Food lovers seeking to host a relaxed event or low-impact wedding will love our picturesque farmstead.

As a working production farm, we offer a unique setting for your event with warm hospitality and a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and berries along with fresh-cut flowers, all grown onsite following environmentally-friendly practices that reflect our love for the land, water and people of our community.

By: www.elmpictures.com | Music: "Honeymoon" by Johnny Stimson | Photography: Elaine Gray Photography | Venue: Green Gardens | Floral : Thornapple Floral


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An Ideal Location.

The farm at 14201 H Drive N is near both the charming city of Marshall, MI and the FireKeepers Casino and conveniently located near both I-69 and I-94. We are directly between Detroit and Chicago. The farm is near Lansing (50 minutes), Kalamazoo (35 minutes), Ann Arbor (55 minutes), and Marshall (10 minutes).




Please always refer to your contract with us for key questions. Your signed contract is a helpful resource - and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions! Thanks!

Q: Do you have catering? Do you have food restrictions? A: You choose the food that makes you happy! We do not have restrictions regarding food nor do we offer catering. You can use our cooler facilities for storing foods. Home-prepared foods or “potluck” food is welcomed as are licensed food trucks and licensed caterers.
Q: Can we serve produce from your farm?
A: We’d love it if you buy & prepare produce from us! We also know caterers who use our produce.
Q: Can we serve alcohol?
A: All alcohol must be offered without any fee to your guests. During the wedding, it must be served by a bartender who has successfully completed MLCC-approved training ( TIPS ® or TAM ®, for examples ) and is covered by liquor liability insurance. Alcohol service must end one hour prior to the conclusion of your event. Shots are not permitted. Tip jars are OK - that’s your choice as the client.

Q: What time does music end? Music & amplification end that at 10 PM, 30 minutes before close. 

Q: How many guests can your venue accommodate? We can host up to 150.
Q: What are your facilities?
A: Our Wedding Greenhouse Venue includes a 144’ by 30’ Greenhouse with flooring, electrical, and bar area. Outdoors, we have a patio, grassy lane with lawn games, bonfire area, propane double event grill, rustic wooden benches and picnic tables. We have several ceremony sites, seating included. 
Q: What’s the setup for restrooms?
A: We three indoor restrooms, one standard women’s and one ADA women’s restroom with baby change station and a men’s room with separate urinal and ADA stall with baby change station. 
Q: Do you assist those with mobility challenges? A: Yes, we drive a golf cart

Q: What time does the reception end?
A: Typically, there’s a send-off of the couple at 10:15 PM. All guests should depart at or before 10:30 PM. The venue closes at 10:30 PM. Bar service must end one hour before the end of your event.
Q: What time can we start our wedding? 
A: You should schedule your wedding for no earlier than 2:00 PM unless otherwise arranged - see your contract for details.
Q: What time does the Rehearsal Dinner end?
A: All guests should depart by 9 PM the day before the wedding. Limit the guests to 50 or fewer.
Q: What items will we pay sales tax on?
A: We’re obligated to collect and remit 6% MI sales tax on items you keep (flowers, for example). For overnights, there is MI sales tax and a 5% accommodations tax we’re required to collect and remit. 

Q: Do you have tables & chairs?
A: Yes! We have handmade wooden harvest tables for 150 occupants plus other tables. We have matching chairs. These are included in your venue rental.
Q: Do you have plates, etc.?
A: Table service such as plates, glasses, napkins or flatware is not currently provided by Green Gardens. Please see our vendor list for ideas for rental companies.
Q: Do you have lights?
A: Yes, we have awesome string lights inside and out, and our DJ includes dance lighting.
Q: Do you have rules about decorations?
A: You are welcome to add (and take down) your own decorations as long this does not harm the facility. Complete decorating no less than 2 hours before the event’s scheduled start time. Choose items that will be appropriate for conditions - especially wind. (See: Windy) We do not allow glitter or other non-biodegradable confetti, etc.,  nor do we allow seeds to be scattered. 
Q: Do you rent decorations?
A: Yes! We have lots of great items you can rent including candle holders, table runners, etc. Ask for our list!
Q: Do you have rules about candles or fireworks, etc.?
A: We do not allow fireworks, nor do we allow floating lanterns, any other “flying fire”. In the Greenhouse only, we allow “tealight” style if kept inside holders on the tables. LED flameless candles may be used anywhere. No guns, swords, or weapons on the property.

Q: Any advice about shoes?
A: Walking across grassy or graveled areas will be a part of your big day. Wedges and wider heels are your friends. Please consider that the grass may be damp from dew if it’s early or if it’s been rainy.
Q: What if it rains?
A: Our Greenhouse Venue works as a ceremony space in the event of rain. We will make that decision day-of two hours or more before the wedding begins. The Greenhouse is dry inside. 
Q: Will it be hot?
A: Part of the fun of a farm wedding is being out in nature. Our Greenhouse Venue has a specially-designed plastic that reflect infrared waves (heat) while allowing other wavelengths of sunlight in for the plants. We also have 7 industrial steel ceiling fans, and the sides roll up to almost six feet high. This keeps the temperatures to about the same or slightly cooler than outside ambient temperature.
Q: Will it be cold?
A: The Greenhouse is designed to hold in heat and warmth when closed. The sides roll easily fully down on the Greenhouse, so this allows us to adjust for changes in wind and weather. 
Q: Will it be windy?
A: Yes, most likely. Plan carefully so that you can open the Greenhouse up without harming your tablescapes and decor. Paper items will blow around easily even on calm days. The Greenhouse sides roll easily fully down to adjust for changes in wind, but that sacrifices airflow for comfort. High wind over 50 MPH is rare and beyond what we allow for use, and we’ll need to make adjustments to your day to ensure your guests comfort.

Q: How do I book my date?
A: We need 2 things from you:
#1) Signed contract 
#2) First payment toward your wedding
Contact us, and we will start the booking process for you! We will email you a personalized contract for you to read and sign online using "SignNow" and an invoice email from our QuickBooks payment system for you to securely pay online with credit or debit or bank transfer. You may also pay in person or via check in the mail.
Q: What if 2 people want the same date?
A: We'll keep you posted if there's a situation where two clients need the same date and assist with working it out. This is a very rare situation and has always been resolved well in the past. The best way to be sure is to submit your payment to finalize your wedding booking when you sign your contract so you know it's done. 
Q: Do I have to visit the venue in person in order to book my wedding? 
A: Nope! We do all of your paperwork and payment processing online, so you can secure your wedding date from ANYWHERE! ANYTIME! If you live far away and cannot visit - no problem! If it's the depths of winter and we're not open for tours, - no problem! We are available year round for bookings. Contact us to inquire about your date, ask questions, and begin your booking - but remember: First Payments made to reserve your date are NONREFUNDABLE.
Q: What happens if I need to cancel my wedding? 
A: Again, we will do all of your paperwork online. Contact us to let us know you need a cancellation form. First Payments made to reserve your date are NONREFUNDABLE. We've reserved your date just for you - and told everyone else "No" in order to say "Yes" to only you. Because weddings are planned so far in advance, we do not refund first payments.