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A tutorial on how to…

Sign Up For Your Green Box Account

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Click “JOIN NOW” to take a look at delivery sites and to sign up for your Green Box

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Notice each Pick-Up Location option has its own start date, delivery day, and time frame during which pick-up is available

Once you decide on the best location for you, click “Next”

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You have the option to pick-up weekly or every-other week (bi-weekly) – and remember – you can pause your Green Box subscription if you’ll be out of town!

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The information you’re submitting is setting your preferences for every time you pick-up.

Most clients will want just 1 box each time they pick-up.

You may always add additional items to your box on a given week – which is handy if you’ll be having guests!

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The default is one (1) box per visit. If you need to have multiple boxes on your account whenever you pick-up, enter that now. If you want to pay for two box subscriptions separately using a different credit or debit card, please repeat the sign up process for the second one and input the payment info accordingly.

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Choosing to pay early saves you money! You have the option to choose “Pay as You Go” and be charged each time your box is ready

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You’ll need to create an account

You’ll use this account login for making changes to your account, pausing delivery, updating payment methods, etc.

Hold onto your account login and password for later use.

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If you chose to “Pay as You Go,” you’ll notice the “Total due at checkout” will be $0.00

Everyone, regardless of schedule, will need to submit their payment information now.

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You’re done!

Be sure to check your email for confirmation.

The email will contain all of the key info – including where and when to pick up your Green Box!

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PLUS! You’ll be invited to join our exclusive

Green Box Cooking group on Facebook!

It’s a great way to grab recipes and ideas for using your delicious, local Green Box ingredients and connect with local folks who love to cook healthy, sustainable food.

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Thank you for choosing our Green Box program! We are so grateful for your support!