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Want a food box delivered near you?

Green Boxes Available in 2019!


“Honey, what’s for dinner?”


Do you struggle to cook well for your family?

Does the food you cook lack flavor or just plain SUCK?

Are you eating out too much, gaining weight, and racking up debt?

Or, are you a great cook and simply want the freshest and best-tasting ingredients?

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The Green Box can help you cook more, feel better and save money.

What is a Green Box?

It’s pretty simple, really. A Green Box is a box of fresh local food that you can have delivered to an area near you weekly or bi-weekly.

  • You pick $25 worth of vegetables and fruit you want from the farm.

  • Then, add on any extras like local eggs, meat, fruit, dairy, maple syrup, etc.

Example of a Green Box:


December Box

This member chose: red onions, carrots, golden beets, red beets, salad, and yellow potatoes from Green Gardens.

Eggs from Joe’s Eggs in Schoolcraft, Organic apples from The Country Mill in Charlotte, Butter from Mooville in Nashville, and Goat Cheese from Northport, MI.

What you can get…

Produce is picked fresh


Your Green Box produce is usually picked 1-2 days before it goes in the box.

The farm uses organic practices. Sometimes we source other produce/product that comes from other local organic/conventional farms. If the produce is conventional, it will be labeled as such.

Where Can I Get a Green Box?

Right now:

  • Battle Creek (at FARM) on THURS

  • Downtown Marshall (at OBX on Michigan Ave) on THURS

  • Kalamazoo (at Bank Street Indoor Market) on SAT

    In May, pick-up points will be added to…

  • Portage (by Airzoo at Bakewell Company)

  • Richland (off M-89 at Beer and Skittles)

  • Kalamazoo: Food Dance Downtown, Southside / Vine, Oakland/Winchell, Westnedge Hill

  • Battle Creek (north-side and Lakeview)

    ALL PICK-UPS will be on THURSDAY afternoons in May

See sign-up page for exact address

pick-up map.png

May Pick-up Map

The green dots on the map indicate a pick-up point. Pick-ups are on Thursday afternoons starting in May.

Become a better cook

“But, I’m not good at cooking! I won’t know where to start.”

It’s OK. You have to start somewhere.

We provide recipes and give you tips and tricks to make your food taste amazing!

You’ll also get exclusive access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group called Cooking Your Green Box.

YOU WILL become a better cook!

What happens to my box if I’m gone?

PAUSE your

Green Box at any time.

The Green Box is designed to be flexible with your busy life.

Short on cash?

No problem

You can auto-pay with your credit card when you get your box delivered.

We have removed financial barriers. There is no large up-front financial commitment!

It’s like Christmas in a box
— D. Morrison

Nothing is more important than your health

Investing in your future is just a click away…

No Risk!

If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your share at any time

Bonuses are available!

Pre-payments of $300, $500 or $1000, get extra credit (3-10%) to spend on boxes

Don't forget to use coupon code “ten” and save $10 on your first box

Act Fast! Get 4 Boxes with $1000 Purchase

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