You have the power

to change your life

one bite at a time.


About Us


We love growing vegetables! But, more importantly, we love what they can do for you to transform your health.

Learn more about eating great food from the farm and investing in your future!


Growing healthy organic produce for the community since 2008, Green Gardens is a vibrant small farm located just outside of Marshall in Battle Creek. Started by Trent Thompson, he and his wife, Ruthie, have learned the vegetable trade and built wonderful long-lasting relationships with their customers and employees.

We strongly value ethics when it comes to the land and the people we serve and work with. Both must be treated with respect and dignity to be sustainable.

Our mission is to grow healthy food that sets the standard for freshness and quality, while empowering you and your family to eat better and have higher quality lives.

Our customizable local food box, The GREEN BOX, and our farm store are designed to offer you a convenient one-stop shop for quality local food.

We thank you for the support!

Trent, Ruthie, Jorah May and the entire Green Gardens team