Farm Staff

Trent Thompson (Farmer)

Though initially interested in Agroforestry work through the Peace Corps after graduating from Michigan State, I fell in love with farming while interning/working on farms out West. Returning to my hometown of Battle Creek in 2008, I found the opportunity to educate and share the need for local, naturally-grown produce with our community by establishing Green Gardens. Farming is my passion. With the amazing support of customers, family, friends, and fellow farmers, Green Gardens became a reality and continues to expand its relationships throughout our community.

The business has grown from a 1.5 acre plot on a small farm on White Rabbit Rd in Pennfield (N Battle Creek) in 2008 to seven acres of vegetables with 250 CSA members, several wholesale accounts, a thriving market in Kalamazoo, a bi-weekly on-farm market at 14201 H Dr N, and an events business. The core of the business - growing good healthy food for people, treating the land and the customers with respect - has stayed the same.

One of my greatest joys is witnessing the growth of our employees as workers and human beings. Many of them have started farm businesses or want to have them in the future. We hope that Green Gardens provided them a little bit of knowledge and skills to make them more successful in business and in life.

Many of our customers have been with the farm for all 10 years! We are honored to grow them their food and are so incredibly grateful for all the support! We have put down deep roots here in Battle Creek and are excited to grow our relationship together in the decades ahead.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a question about the farm or farming! I will do the best that I can to get back to you quickly. Please note that my schedule is intense from March through October and responses may take longer during that time period.


Jorah Thompson (The BOSS)

The one who is really in charge! Jorah is always ready to chip in and does lots of taste-testing!

Ruthie Thompson (Farmer)

Summer 2008 led me to the Richland Farmers’ Market, where I ended up trading celery for Trent’s leftover sunflowers. The following spring, I started my route to Farmer by agreeing to a farm visit – and 10 years later, I’m still here, enjoying my life as farmer’s wife, Mama, co-owner, CEO of Marketing, and Chef Extraordinaire, all the while drumming up a passion in all of our wonderful customers for a continued love of healthy, local eating.

Events Specialist (Anne)

Anne joined the crew in 2016 bringing with her over a decade of experience in the wedding industry as a floral designer. She takes good care of the farm's venue areas, assists clients, designs floral arrangements, and tackles just about any other task that needs doing. She and her family have been friends of the farm for many years, and she shares our vision for caring for our land and our community.‚Äč Contact Events here.

Green Gardens Staff Page

2014 Crew (Trent, Scottie, Hristina, Stephan [Hristina's brother visiting from Macedonia], Dylan, and Devon).

Our kind, hard-working, and honest crew forms the farm's backbone. Their commitment and dedication allow us to feed many. We value their work and make a strong effort to compensate them as well as we can afford.


Eli Cuel, started in 2015

Derek Flint, started in 2018

Havilah Schut, started in 2015


Bailey Agattas, started in 2017

Stephanie Velo, started in 2016


PAST CREW, some are missing, to be updated winter 2018/19!

Past crew members have started their own farms, including Kelly Vallelunga (2008) of Long Valley Farm and Clay Smith (2009-2011) of Earthsmith Farms.

Kelly, 2009Kelly, our first employee, washing eggplant

Clay, the builder, designing our second mobile chicken coop

Dylan picking our famous SunGold tomatoes. He now does construction.

Scottie making the beets sparkle with a smile! He now works as the Operations Manager of Fresh Solutions Farm at Walther Potato Farms.

Always a smile! Hristina is doing her clinical rotations en route to becoming a Registered Dietitian through WMU.