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 Farm History

Some of the older crowd in Battle Creek may remember the name Green Gardens. My grandparents, Don and Jean Thompson, ran a thriving produce business in Battle Creek in the 1950's and 1960's with the same name. At the height of their business, there were up to five locations geographically spread out across Battle Creek. It turns out Don's parents, John and Dora, also had a small grocery on Main Street in Battle Creek from 1912-1918. They sold produce from area farmers who brought produce into town on horse and wagon. Many groceries were even delivered by bicycle.

Working in the produce business in Battle Creek spans fours generations (almost 100 years) for the Thompson family. It came without hesitation to name the farm Green Gardens in 2008. I wanted to honor my grandparents and also wanted to make sustainability - "Green" - part of the farm's mission.

So, Green Gardens continues on. We hope that we can continue to serve the needs of Battle Creek community members for many years to come!

John & Dora in front of grocery

John and Dora Thompson in front of their grocery (1912-1918). From the BC Enquirer in 1978.

Don & Jean Thompson

Don & Jean Thompson at Green Gardens in mid-1950's.

Ruthie and Trent

Ruthie and Trent at market in Kalamazoo in summer of 2010

The farm family grows in 2014 with the birth of our best crop, Jorah. She loves to help on the farm and will fearlessly eat any dirt-covered vegetable straight from the field.