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Fall/Winter Test Pilot

Starts Nov. 3 (Kzoo)

and Nov. 6 (BC)

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How it Works

(days of week are for test pilot season ONLY)

Step 1:

Step 2:
We e-mail you Wednesday AM (for farm pick-up) and Sunday AM (for Kalamazoo Bank St pick-up) with pre-selected share contents starting at $25.

Step 3: You build your share until SAT AM (for farm pick-up) or WED AM (for Kzoo Bank St. pick-up), choosing from 40-50 different items in our Web Store on a weekly basis.

  • For example:  Don’t want beets this week? Swap it out for a pint of cherry tomatoes. Prefer two pounds of green beans instead of one? No problem, just add it.
  • If you don’t make changes or place a temporary hold, you’ll receive the pre-selected share from Farmers Trent and Ruthie.

Step 4: Pick up your share

  • Delivery Day is Saturday in Kalamazoo or Tuesday at farm (based on your Pick-up Location).
  • Click here for a full list of delivery weeks for 2019/20.

Our Web Store: An Online Marketplace


Our Web Store is an online marketplace offering a mix of seasonal veggies, fruit, meats, eggs, and value-added products.

  • We partner with other local farms and producers to offer a variety of weekly additions to compliment the veggies that we grow.
    • Queso Cabeza Farm (pork)
    • Swope Acres (beef)
    • Frontier Farm (chicken)
    • Hiday Farm (yogurt)
    • Mooville Dairy (cheese)
    • J&B Dick Orchards (apples, peaches, pears)
    • The Country Mill (organic apples and applesauce)
    • Bakewell Company (quiche)
    • The Organic Gypsy (soups)

Order bulk amounts when seasonal abundance permits.

  • Want to stock up, make your own preserves, or get enough of something for a party?
  • When they’re available, add flats of berries, 20 LB boxes of tomatoes, 12 LB boxes of kale or 5 LB bags of carrots for juicing, and other items in bulk sizes to your share.

Flexibility in our CSA Program

Flexible deliveries

  • Put your share on hold if you go on vacation or need to skip a week.

Choose your Pick-up Location

  • Select a location close to your home or work to pick up at during a range of hours.

Manage your Subscription online

  • Choose from a number of payment plans, schedule delivery holds; change your pick-up location; view subscription history and details.

Simple Payment Methods 

  • Weekly credit card payments, paper check, or PayPal are all accepted.

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SAVE $10 on your 1st Box


The struggle is real.

Eating healthy and cooking at home is challenging. We are busy, short on energy and time, raising kids, and constantly inundated with a stream of tempting fast food or restaurant choices as we drive home from work.

It's hard to stay healthy and stick to a diet of fresh produce, meats, eggs, etc.

On top of that, we are aging and battling a slower metabolism that makes keeping weight down and energy levels up even harder. 

Fortunately, there is a way to fight back and get on a sustainable plan to eat healthy, save time, and save money. Green Gardens Direct can be a tool you can use to bring fresh local food conveniently to your neighborhood or employer.


Green Gardens Direct Boxes include:

  • Fresh vegetables from the farm as well as other fruit and vegetables from area producers.
  • Local Meats - fish, pork, beef, turkey, and chicken
  • Local Eggs
  • Herbs - Add flavoring to your dishes!
  • Dairy - cheeses, yogurt, butter
  • Sweeteners - honey and maple syrup
  • Canned Goods like beans to supplement your dishes
  • Local Value Added Products for convenience when you are busy

A weekly guide for meal possibilities and ideas will compliment your boxes!

You choose what you want in the boxes.

The process is simple:

  • You get an e-mail from us with produce options
  • You select what produce you want and any extra items like meat or cheese, etc.
  • We harvest your produce fresh for you, make and deliver your box
  • You go to your pick-up point to pick-up your box

Don't want to choose? That's OK, too. You will get a Farmer's Pick Box and be surprised.


You can practically bypass the traditional Meijer/Wal-Mart shopping experience if you'd like. Going into one of these stores, especially on the weekend, is time consuming and stressful - not our cup of tea - we are guessing it's not yours either!


Green Gardens Direct boxes are delivered to your neighborhood or employer, giving you more time to spend with your family and having fun.

Our current distribution area includes Marshall, Battle Creek, Richland, and Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Do you work for an employer where we can get 15 people to sign-up for boxes? Let us know. We will deliver!


Eating out is expensive. Even fast-food joints aren't cheap these days with meals costing $8 or more per person. A family of four can easily spend $25 at McDonalds or Burger King for low quality food that will shorten your life and expand your waistline.


For that same cost, you can invest in your family's health and make 3-4 home cooked meals a week with a Green Gardens Direct box.

You can spend the money you save on food on healthcare, your kids' college, retirement, or a vacation!


Your quality of life matters to us! Personal and family health are at the core of the Green Gardens Direct boxes. We want you to be successful: stay healthy, spend more time with your loved ones, and save money for you and your family's future. 

Short on cash right now? We are farmers, we get it! There is no large up-front payment required. Pay automatically with your credit card weekly. You can put your membership on pause whenever you need.

No risk! If you aren't satisfied, you can cancel at anytime.

Are you interested in trying out this local food delivery option? 



SAVE $10 off your 1st box