Green Gardens Welcomes You!

Started in 2008, Green Gardens is a diversified, 20-acre farm in Battle Creek, Michigan, producing vegetables and herbs all year.

We aim to provide fresh, naturally-grown produce year-round to the people of West Michigan at a fair price.

Find our delicious produce right now at...

  • The Farm Market at 14201 H Drive N in Battle Creek. We are OPEN on
    • WED from 3-6:30 PM
    • SUN from 12-4 PM
  • The Kalamazoo Farmers Market on Bank St
    • SAT - 7-12:30 PM

 Host your Wedding or Event at the Farm!

Learn more at:

Thank you for supporting your local, small farm. Ultimately, this is a decision based on the health of our bodies, community, economy and environment.

Trent and Ruthie Thompson, Farmers
Jorah eating a Lunchbox pepper - one of her favorites!


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